Nemo srl

Since 1993, NEMO srl has been carrying out studies on ecosystems, impact and incidence, PDG of sites of the Natura 2000 Network. It has participated in numerous LIFE Nature as a subcontractor, carrying out roles of coordination, planning, monitoring and development of PdG, and as an associated beneficiary for LIFE08 NAT / IT / 000353 and LIFE12 NAT / IT / 000416. He collaborated in significant actions of the projects: LIFE05 NAT / IT / 000037; LIFE00NAT / IT / 7239; LIFE00 NAT / IT / 007170; LIFE95 NAT / IT / 000698; LIFE98 NAT / IT / 005125; LIFE97 NAT / IT / 004153; LIFE04 NAT / IT / 000172.

He has designed all the black rat eradications carried out to date on Italian islands:
Montecristo, Islets of Tuscany (1999-2001), Giannutri Island (2005-06), Zannone Island (2006), and Molara Island (2008) and surrounding islets (2009-10). In Molara the aerial distribution of rodenticide baits was carried out for the first time (in Europe), a methodology subsequently used in Montecristo and proposed in the present project. NEMO is also involved in regional and local eradication, control, prevention and communication programs on alien species. It invests in updating and research applied to conservation. Since 1998 the management of alien species, especially in the islands and for the purposes of the protection of seabirds, is one of the main sectors of interest, with the production of numerous scientific works.