Life Diomedee

Controls for the eradication of the rat continue

“Six months, and 8 checkups”! Oh yes, we are now in the intermediate phase of the black rat eradication activities and a long and hard work has been done since January by the whole team that is dealing with the eradication of the black rat on the Tremiti Islands.

It was a long and intense winter that our team spent on these pearls of the Adriatic, which from January to April worked uninterruptedly to free the islands from rats and bring benefits to the shearwaters, or Diomedee as they are called on the Tremiti, and to the local population.

But the positive results are not lacking! Almost 1900 regulators distributed on the islands of San Domino, San Nicola and Capraia were checked continuously every 10 days and traces of rats have almost disappeared.

Signs of presence continue to show up only in a few places on the island of San Domino, and in this regard we would like to thank all the local population for their welcome, support and valuable reports that have been provided to us over the past few months.

In addition to the bait stations, in the most critical areas with chicken coops and food sources for rats, wax blocks have been added to monitor any suspicious presences. The blocks are entirely poison-free and pose no risk to any other animal.

In this period of the year we can say, with a great deal of satisfaction, that the Diomedee are already starting to reap the first benefits of this intense work. The first chicks are born and grow up without the danger of being devoured by rats as happened in the past.

We hope to have many more good news from our team involved in monitoring the nests, in the meantime thanks go to the whole community of the Tremiti Islands, for their precious collaboration but also for the great welcome. The regular 8 a.m. bar appointments and the darts tournaments on winter evenings are especially noteworthy!